Updated (again) Water Filter System

My water filter system has been improved and simplified. Again. Here is what what I have have been been using for the past couple of years. I don’t know what I would change EXCEPT bringing the backflush syringe for longer trips. I think this system is the best combination of capacity, speed, and weight. I believe I spent around $100 for everything including shipping a few (pre-COVID) years ago.

I use the CNOC 2 Liter 28mm Vecto Water Container for my unfiltered water. FYI: The 28 mm pertains to the thread size and they make a few different sizes. Make sure you order the correct size thread for your filter.

I REALLY like the CNOC bag for several reasons. First, the top (long orange bar) opens the full width of the container and makes it super easy to fill with water from creeks, streams, and nearly any flowing water. Second, drying out after use very easy since you can remove the cap AND fully open the other end for air flow/drainage. Third, my water filter will securely attach directly to the bag containing my unfiltered water. Lastly, the CNOC bag has a bit of “stretch” to it but has a breaking point of 220 pounds.

I prefer the Sawyer Squeeze (2.5 oz) filter. I had a friend use an identical setup but used the Sawyer Mini (1.4 oz). While the Sawyer Mini is over an ounce lighter AND cheaper, the Sawyer Squeeze filters water over twice as fast. I’ll take that ounce and $ penalty! Here’s a video that supports the speed at which the Squeeze and Mini filter performs in an identical gravity fed system.

After attaching the female end of the Sawyer Squeeze water filter to the CNOC Water container, an adapter will be needed. (I didn’t have one included, but the one linked does).   I don’t remember where I bought mine, but I found these on Amazon. I only used the blue one.  To the male end of the blue adapter, I attached approximately 4 feet of food grade silicon tubing with ¼ inch inner diameter.  I think I bought mine here and you can buy the tubing by the foot.  

I don’t usually hang my CNOC Water Container when using it for gravity feed.  I hold it up when actively filtering or put it on a rock, tree, or another object that is higher than my water bottles. In camp, I will put it in the fork of a tree or another elevated object. One thing I DID discover is that the hose has a tendency to drop and all of the water will then drain out (due to gravity, of course). THAT is a surprise when you are thirsty, so I added a clamp a friend gave me, but here is one similar.

I store the CNOC Water Container, Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter, adapter, tubing, and clamp in an extra drawstring bag. I just confirmed my setup will filter 2 Liters of water in 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

There is one note, however – especially if you are new to filtering water.  The Sawyer Filter needs to be kept from freezing. If water freezes inside the filter, the pores will permanently enlarge, and the filter will be unreliable against protozoa and bacteria. If temperatures dip below freezing, keep the sawyer water filter close to your body while hiking, or in your sleeping bag during the night. It also will need backflushed occasionally. How often depends on the quality of water you are putting through it, but I ALWAYS check that it is working properly before a trip and backflush after a trip. I didn’t do that one time and luckily a buddy also had a water filter.  I now carry some Aquamira as a backup. I also keep it in the same Ziploc bag if the temperatures dip below freezing.  


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