Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tool Bag

I purchased a 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR 4×4 last year and I’m loving it. I have run into a few instances of other people not being prepared with basic tools or “self recovery” type of items. Over the past year, I have purchased some basic items to keep in my truck for myself or others.

Here are a few examples of things I have stored in the cab of the vehicle: First Aid Kit, flashlight, Leatherman, small knife, spare fuses, a small fire extinguisher, extra water, jumper cables, a portable (plug in) air compressor to fill up tires low on air, a recovery strap to have myself pulled out or to assist others, some extra food, and things to stay warm and dry.

I noticed I don’t have ANY tools with me and the more I’m out and about off the beaten path (the truck IS four wheel drive), I DID think it was a good idea to carry some basic tool for me and others to use should the need arise.

First off, I’m not a mechanic or much more than an entry level handyman. I’m confident where my comfort level ends and calling someone else begins. I’m not going to pull the engine or rebuild the axles in the mud. However, I should be able to tighten things that have come loose or do some basic repair to get me to cell coverage where I can call in reinforcements.

I found the Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tool Bag on YouTube – actually from a Jeep channel. I was intrigued and REALLY liked how modular and convenient it is to carry everything I should need with one set of handles. It is made from really heavy duty material and I don’t see it falling apart anywhere in the near future!

The tool bag is a bit pricey ($169.99 as of 11/28/2022) but I think it’s worth every penny. . Here is a link to the Tool Bag:

Here is a video review of what I currently have in my Tool Bag:

As covered in the video, the tool bag fully loaded weighs just over 25 pounds, but has most any tool I would need.

Have I forgotten something? Tacoma owners or anyone else more experienced than me – what would you add or change? I would appreciate your feedback and input.


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