Had to say goodbye to an old friend today

imageToday I officially said goodbye to an old friend. We have shared many miles together in the woods since March 2011 and he has been with me through the good and bad.

He was right by my side for countless miles never saying a word when things were rough and I kept going – in fact, he was always ready for an adventure. From the beginning, I knew Charlie didn’t have any legs and I would have to carry him everywhere we went.  I carried Charlie and in his own way he helped me when no one else could.

He had been with me while I traveled everything in red on the map – and that doesn’t even account for our adventures outside the Sipsey Wilderness. Sadly,  Charlie was quietly lost by recklessness.  I was careless one time, didn’t secure him properly and he quietly slipped away to live forever in the woods he so loved. Maybe he’ll get lucky and be found by someone who will cherish him as much as I did. Charlie Compass, you will be missed, but your replacement was in stock at Academy.




About jnunniv

I like outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and scuba diving.
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