My Sawyer Squeeze Holder/fill scoop

I LOVE my Sawyer Squeeze filter but I have two issues. First, I’m afraid I’m going to leave a part somewhere and second, the bag is a pain to fill. I actually saw something similiar to this SOMEWHERE but now I can’t find it, so I thought I would post here.

I bought two Hydrogen Peroxide bottles at the Dollar General for a dollar each. The only other item I needed to purchase was a small screen. I picked a pack up at Lowes and I think I paid less than $4. I had everything else I needed at home.

I emptied the Hydrogen Peroxide bottles and removed the labels. From one bottle, I cut off the top third and the second bottle I cut off the bottom third. I then glued two Smartwater bottle lids together to form two female ends as an adapter. I used Gorilla Glue and drilled a large diameter hole in them after the glue was completely dry.


Once dry, the screen I purchased fits nicely in the lid. Not too snug, but not too loose. The screen acts as a prefilter and actually catches quite a bit – even from the “clean springs” that I use often.


That’s all there is to it. Confused? Let me help….

I need to filter some water so I grab my bottle sections that have been slid together to form my carrier:


I pull the bottom section off showing the top portion holding the filter, backflush syringe, 32 oz bag, and the female to female adapter that I made previously.


I pull everything out and select the items I need


If the water is shallow, or to fill the bag quickly, I can take off the lid to the top portion of the hydrogen peroxide bottle, grab my female to female adapter and screw it onto the lid. I make sure to put the screen side of the adapter up to the hydrogen peroxide bottle. To me, it will be more difficult to lose this way.

I then attach my 32 oz bag to the other end of the adapter. Simply scoop, lift, and fill. The screen catches the big stuff and it takes mere seconds to fill the entire bag.


It only takes one or two scoops to completely fill (to the rim) the bag. I personally then filter into my water container, and reverse the process to pack everything away. As a bonus, the “ridges” in the bottles help hold the bottle sections together. Total weight for everything shown in the picture? 7.7 oz!

Hopefully someone will find this useful. Enjoy!


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1 Response to My Sawyer Squeeze Holder/fill scoop

  1. RODNEY says:

    Thanks for the tip! Adapted mine to a smart water bottle instead of the peroxide as shown. Upgraded to a 32 oz Sawyer bag also. Did not include the syringe in my kit though.

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