My new cold weather hammock

As you probably know, I have a Warbonnet BlackBird hammock and I love it.  I have used it on multiple trips and it has served me well with many nights of great sleep.  I have been looking to lighten my load and this is one area where great progress can be made.

I don’t need a bug net during the colder weather and so I thought I would experiment with something new.  I had a friend of mine make me a simple gathered end hammock.  The hammock is made of 1.1 SL ripstop fabric and includes whoppie slings, tree straps, toggles, dynaglide adjustable ridgeline, and a bishop bag.  The finished length is just over 10 ft so it would still fit under my Superfly tarp.  I nicknamed it the SB 1000.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this product and was not given any compensation by the maker. I am conducting this review solely to pass the information to others that may be interested.

I received it a few days ago and couldn’t wait to give it a test run, so last night was the night. With everything included, it only weighs 15.5 oz, versus the WBBB 21.75 oz for a weight saving of over 6 oz.  The WBBB is over twice as large when packed.  So the SB 1000, is lighter, smaller, cheaper, but how does it compare for comfort?

We had some storms and lows in the upper 50’s in the forecast, so the Superfly was set up in storm mode:


Even with the additional length, the SB 1000 easily fit under the Superfly.  This picture was taken during tear down the next morning:


If I have not said it before, I REALLY love my BlackBird…..  The length of the gathered in makes for a VERY flat lay.  It may be even more comfortable than the WBBB.  Due to the length, the “sweet spot” was very easy to find.  It was VERY comfortable and the extra length made moving around very easy and forgiving.

So, if you can’t get comfortable in a hammock, I would highly suggest getting a longer (10 ft or 11 ft) hammock.  I can’t wait to sleep in this one again!


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